Latest in Politics

Latest in Politics

‘Why are you made to suffer for needing asylum?’

The Commission on Civil Rights held asubcommittee session to hear the public testify about civil rights violations in detention facilities and the harmfulimpacts of separating immigrant children from their parents.

Latest in Environment

Latest in Environment

VIDEO: Young activists stage “Climate Strike” in DC

  Hundreds of young activists gathered in front of the US Capitol Building on Friday to demand action on climate change. Speakers included Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and her daughter Isra Hirsi, one of the organizers of the strike. After her speech, Omar also...

VIDEO: What is the Sunrise Movement?

Last week, a video of children pleading with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Cal., to back the Green New Deal resolution went viral on Twitter. The video, which now has about 10 million views, was posted by the Sunrise Movement, an environmental activist organization...

Latest in National Security

Latest in National Security

Acting Defense Secretary makes case for Space Force

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said on Wednesday said that members from both parties in Congress have asked him to justify additional spending to create the Space Force. “The feedback I’ve received is worry about adding or building bigger government and I...

Latest in Education

Getting to Know the New Normal for U.S. College Students

WASHINGTON -- Demographics are changing in America, especially on college campuses. Today’s college students are likely to be older than in past years, working full- or part-time, and possibly a parent. They are more diverse in race and income level. Enrollment on...

Rising Debt is Crushing Students: What Should We Do About It?

WASHINGTON-Daniel Grimes hits the streets of George Washington University to talk student debt and the rising cost of tuition. Afterwards, he sits down with Colleen Campbell from the Center for American Progress to talk solutions.

Latest in Business & Tech

Latest in Health

Zebrafish are making waves for limb regeneration research WASHINGTON, April 3 -- Could humans regrow their limbs? Researchers are considering this possibility as they study the regrowth of tail fins and other organs in zebrafish. Zebrafish are a member of the minnow family that live in freshwater...

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