Latest in Politics

Latest in Politics

Texas “racial gerrymandering” case brought before Supreme Court

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Tuesday debated whether new congressional districts drawn up in Texas constitute “racial gerrymandering” because they intentionally dilute the voting blocs of new Latino and black residents, a case that could have a lasting effect on...

Latest in Business & Tech

Latest in Business & Tech

Half of all jobs can be automated now, expert says

It is no longer in question whether all jobs will be automated, the head of the Institute for New Economic Thinking said Tuesday. The real question rests in when that automation will occur and which sectors of society will be affected sooner than others.

Latest in National Security

Latest in National Security

Latest in Education

Concerns over Chinese Influence in Academia Arise

WASHINGTON – As experts spotlight China’s military buildup to challenge the United State as the world’s superpower, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that China is also using soft power to quietly achieve this goal. "One of the things we're trying to do is view the...

Latest in Environment

Watchdog: Bankrupt coal mines pose too much of a risk to taxpayers

Watchdog: Bankrupt coal mines pose too much of a risk to taxpayers

WASHINGTON - Congress should end a practice that puts the federal or state government at risk of paying for expensive coal mine cleanups when mining companies go bankrupt, according to a new finding by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office. The GAO, an...

Federal legislation makes rebuilding power system nearly impossible

WASHINGTON – The Federal Emergency Management Agency will end its efforts to build emergency energy infrastructure in Puerto Rico by May 18. But because of a federal law that prohibits from updating infrastructure, the energy system that FEMA has built is still...

Shepherd Showcases Tip-To-Tail Tack with Sheep   MIDDLEBURG, VA - Shepherds like Franny Kransteiner of Gum Tree Farms have embraced a tip-to-tail, birth-to-death philosophy when it comes to their sheep, as more and more people have begun to search for more fulfilling lifestyles. Her...

Latest in Health

House Subcommittee Hears Personal Stories of the Opioid Epidemic

House Subcommittee Hears Personal Stories of the Opioid Epidemic

Brian Mendell committed suicide at age 25 because he was ashamed of his opioid addiction, despite not having used drugs in more than a year, his father told a House subcommittee Thursday as he demanded that Congress pass laws to fight the epidemic. Mendell is one of...

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