WASHINGTON- Specialist Brandi J. Fox grew up in small-town Kingston, Michigan. She spent her time hunting, playing saxophone in the school band and earning a spot as the only girl on the  high school football team.

Fox has gone from her family farm in Kingston, Michigan to a EMS worker in Detroit and is now working as a combat medic in the U.S. Army about to deploy in early 2018.

Her parents said that she wanted to take care of people ever since she was young and these same motivations are still propelling her forward in her military career.

“I love the medical field…I love knowing that I can help people when they’re at their weakest moments,” Fox said.

This desire to help people is also in Fox’s three sisters, who also are serving their country today.

Their parents said that on the rare occasions the girls can all return home, they are hailed as hometown heroes.