WASHINGTON- In a podcast episode of “Stories from our Neighbors”, Medill News Service reporter, Gerald Harris, sat down with United States Veterans. Special thanks to the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C. The veterans tell stories of love, sacrifice, and joy. Listen below.

00:50-02:42 Franklin Lawrence tells the story of 60 years of love with two women. Take a listen and hear a story of two true lasting loves, and two unimaginable heartbreaks.

02:60-3:50 Sheldon Shorthouse is the man in charge at the “Soilder’s Home” in Washington. Elected last year, he has already made a commitment to run for mayor of the Armed Forces Retirement Home next year.

04:08-05:17 David Kaetzel lived in the middle of what felt like Disney World growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. His family’s home was in the neighborhood park — the only house allowed.

05:34-07:49 Benny Easter is the most decorated Army band director in the history of the military. He recalls having two choices as a musician trying to find a steady income at a young age — become a music teacher or join the Army. He chose the latter and became a paratrooper. And his love of music found him the love of his life.