Several nations pose serious cyberthreat to United States

WASHINGTON--Iran, China, Russia and North Korea pose the biggest cyberthreat to the United States because they want to dominate their regions and see the U.S. as a threat to their leadership, a former top CIA official said Thursday. “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un...

Low-yield environment leads to litigation finance boom

Investors hurt by more than a decade of low interest rates are searching for higher returns in uncharted areas, leading to a boom in the litigation finance industry, where lawsuits are funded by third parties. Critics say it will lead to more lawsuits in an already litigious society and reduce the payouts victims receive.

Pai: FCC’s use of flawed broadband data inadequate

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said closing the digital divide is his top priority, but lawmakers at the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing Thursday worried that inaccurate maps of broadband coverage will stymie the FCC’s efforts.

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Medill Today // August 28, 2019


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