Experts, lawmakers: NASA should focus more on Mars, less on moon

Experts, lawmakers: NASA should focus more on Mars, less on moon

WASHINGTON, July 26 (UPI) -- Senators criticized NASA Wednesday for not spending enough money on the Trump administration-backed mission of sending humans to Mars in near future -- urging the agency to make "tough decisions" and focus more on Mars than the moon. The...

Businesses call for a uniform federal blockchain standard

WASHINGTON – Some businesses want to use blockchain technologies so they can have a more secure and convenient transaction environment, but lack of a uniform standard is a roadblock that the federal government could solve, some business leaders told the Congressional...

China poses threats to U.S. through technology transfers

WASHINGTON – China’s systematic technology transfers through industrial espionage, state-sponsored theft and infiltrating academia are acts of war and should be combated aggressively, experts and members of Congress said Thursday. "We need to quit talking about...

FDA chief says pharmas use rebates to block biosimilar competition

WASHINGTON -- Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb Wednesday blamed pharmaceutical companies for manipulating rebates to stymie competition, which blocks patients’ access to affordable copycat drugs and costs them billions in higher-cost medicine....

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