Nationally recognized activist condemns murders of black men

WASHINGTON – "Philando Castile knew the names of every one of the 500 children he served breakfast and lunch to everyday.” These were the first words that came from educator Jesse Hagopian during his speech at the 2016 Save Our Schools People’s March for Public...

Hillary Clinton Promises Teachers Higher Pay

Hillary Clinton speaks at NEA assembly Tuesday, promising to push for better pay for educators, less standardized testing and more resources for teaching computer science in public schools.

San Diego’s own represents in her first Scripps Bee

Ella Peters, the only San Diego, CA representer in the Scripps National Spelling Bee can finally take a deep breath. After only three years of spelling competitions, she should be pretty proud of making it past the two spelling rounds of the bee....

6-year-old charms as youngest at National Spelling Bee

  At the tender age of 6, Akash Vukoti is the youngest contestant to ever compete at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Vukoti lost on his second turn in the oral portion of the preliminaries on the word "bacteriolytic," and thanked his fellow spellers and...

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