House Chairman Warns of ‘Biased’ Science in Climate Change Debate

WASHINGTON – A Capitol Hill hearing called to discuss the use of technology to address climate change quickly veered into a long-running debate about how much human activity has contributed to the country’s warming temperature. Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) warned of...

How solar could change the future of the American grid

As the American power grid grapples with aging infrastructure, cybersecurity threats and a reliance on fossil fuels, solar offers homeowners a cheaper and cleaner option, according to supporters of a new California law the requires builders to install solar power systems on all new homes.

Watchdog: Bankrupt coal mines pose too much of a risk to taxpayers

WASHINGTON - Congress should end a practice that puts the federal or state government at risk of paying for expensive coal mine cleanups when mining companies go bankrupt, according to a new finding by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office. The GAO, an...

Federal legislation makes rebuilding power system nearly impossible

WASHINGTON – The Federal Emergency Management Agency will end its efforts to build emergency energy infrastructure in Puerto Rico by May 18. But because of a federal law that prohibits from updating infrastructure, the energy system that FEMA has built is still...

Shepherd Showcases Tip-To-Tail Tack with Sheep   MIDDLEBURG, VA - Shepherds like Franny Kransteiner of Gum Tree Farms have embraced a tip-to-tail, birth-to-death philosophy when it comes to their sheep, as more and more people have begun to search for more fulfilling lifestyles....

There’s fish in them there hills: Raising salmon in W.V.

WASHINGTON - On the boarder of West Virginia and Maryland, roughly 75 miles from Washington, D.C., researchers are raising salmon from egg to harvest. Led by The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute, the Spring Hill Salmon project is the first land-based salmon...

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