Zebrafish are making waves for limb regeneration research

Zebrafish are making waves for limb regeneration research

https://vimeo.com/328193792 WASHINGTON, April 3 -- Could humans regrow their limbs? Researchers are considering this possibility as they study the regrowth of tail fins and other organs in zebrafish. Zebrafish are a member of the minnow family that live in freshwater...

VIDEO: Hospice for the Holidays

Traditional holiday stories follow celebrities as they visit children’s hospitals and do-gooders donating minivans to families with disabled members. But, a story about the holiday season from the perspective of those sick in the hospital or terminally ill is seldom found.

Church of the Epiphany weaves work of art for National Homeless Week

WASHINGTON -- The fence in front of downtown Washington’s Church of the Epiphany became a work of art Wednesday, covered in strips of fabric by passersby as part of an effort to help those who have a home think about those who don’t. Organizers of the art project—...

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