Wadsworth Lab part of CDC antibiotic tests

Wadsworth Lab part of CDC antibiotic tests

WASHINGTON – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designated Albany's Wadsworth Laboratory as one of seven regional labs to tackle the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. The state Health Department's Wadsworth Center Bacteriology Laboratory will share...

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CDC increases efforts to reduce antibiotic resistance

CDC increases efforts to contain antibiotic resistance as the first human case of bacterial infection resistent to a last-resort antibiotic emerged and as a recent study shows a third of U.S. prescriptions for antibiotics are not necessary, the emergence of first human case of bact

USAID challenges innovators to combat zika

Wednesday, in what CDC director Tom Frieden called “a turning point in the Zika outbreak,” scientists at the agency confirmed the virus is a cause of microcephaly; a condition where an infant’s head is much smaller than average. USAID challenged global innovators to “get creative” in combating the virus.

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