Tension between ranchers and CBP heightens amid push for border wall

Tension between ranchers and CBP heightens amid push for border wall

More than a dozen ranchers who own or control a combined 100 miles on the border between Arizona and Mexico say the number of migrants crossing their land after they enter the U.S. illegally was on the decline before the Trump administration, but border crossings are now happening more frequently on their land. And tension between the agents and the ranchers is on the rise as well.

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Tens of Thousands Protest Trump Immigration Policies Nationwide

Tens of Thousands Protest Trump Immigration Policies Nationwide

Thousands of protesters clad in white and armed with signs denouncing President Donald Trump rallied Saturday in more than 90-degree heat against the Trump administration’s immigration policy and the “zero-tolerance” approach that has separated children from their parents after they crossed the border from Mexico to the U.S.

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Thousands gather for family unification in D.C. protest

https://vimeo.com/277816200 WASHINGTON-- Nearly ten thousand protestors from around the country marched outside the White House and the Capitol for immigration reform. The protest formed in response to President Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy, which...

Sessions’ “zero-tolerance” on asylum: One woman’s story

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced domestic violence is no longer grounds for migrants to gain asylum earlier this month as a part of his zero-tolerance immigration policy.

One woman, who fled her home country with her son to escape that very situation, is in the process of seeking asylum with the help of a group of law students at The University of Arizona, but Sessions’ decision has dramatically reduced her chance of being recognized as a “refugee” and gaining legal protection in the US for herself and her child.

After Fleeing War, Two Syrian Refugees Live Worlds Apart

Three years ago, when Amar was 18, he left Syria under the premise of a quick trip. A soft-spoken young man with an interest in engineering, Amar grew up on the Syrian coast. By his account, he had a loving family, a nice home, and college was in his future. In 2015,...

In Paris, Yara Al Hasbani Uses Dance to Protest the War in Syria

Yara Al Hasbani is a dancer currently living in Paris. She fled her home country of Syria in 2014 and currently uses her art as a tool to speak out against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and bring attention to a war that has just entered its eighth year.

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