Poor People’s Campaign organizes in D.C.

Poor People’s Campaign organizes in D.C.

WASHINGTON — Over fifty years after Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. sought to mobilize the country to address the issue of poverty, activists in D.C. are picking up the mantle and looking to address issues that effect the poor in D.C. The D.C. Poor People's Campaign...

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VIDEO: Hospice for the Holidays

VIDEO: Hospice for the Holidays

Traditional holiday stories follow celebrities as they visit children’s hospitals and do-gooders donating minivans to families with disabled members. But, a story about the holiday season from the perspective of those sick in the hospital or terminally ill is seldom found.

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Getting to Know the New Normal for U.S. College Students

WASHINGTON -- Demographics are changing in America, especially on college campuses. Today’s college students are likely to be older than in past years, working full- or part-time, and possibly a parent. They are more diverse in race and income level. Enrollment on...

Rising Debt is Crushing Students: What Should We Do About It?

WASHINGTON-Daniel Grimes hits the streets of George Washington University to talk student debt and the rising cost of tuition. Afterwards, he sits down with Colleen Campbell from the Center for American Progress to talk solutions. https://vimeo.com/295901644...

VIDEO: Presidential Pardons for Turkeys Peas and Carrots

Following a holiday tradition dating back to the Lincoln administration, President Donald Trump granted pardons to two South Dakota turkeys named “Peas” and "Carrots." Despite pardoning both turkeys, Trump honored the popular vote winner, Peas during the annual...

Anime fans in D.C. celebrate East Asian pop culture

WASHINGTON -- Tens of thousands of comics and animations fans, wearing the outfits of beloved characters like magic girl Cardcaptor Sakura and soldiers fighting giants in Attack on Titans, gathered in Washington over the weekend to celebrate Japanese manga and anime,...

D.C. cosplay event shows rising popularity of East Asian pop culture

WASHINGTON, Aug. 13 (UPI) -- A young boy was doodling a portrait of the iconic anime Sailor Moon when the real thing - a woman dressed as the magical girl who befriends a talking cat - showed up in the staid Library of Congress. At a workshop Thursday on cosplaying --...

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