U.S.-China Trade Spat Could Produce Unexpected Winner: Latin America

Latin America could be the potential and unexpected winner in the ongoing, and so far rhetorical, trade war between the United States and China, economic experts say.

Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico are among the top Latin American economies that already have extensive trade agreements with China and the United States, primarily trading soybeans, iron ore, crude oil and copper into China and manufacturing products into the U.S.

Interactive: the 2018 midterm Senate race

The race for the United States Senate is heating up as battleground states are determined in an election cycle influenced by President Donald Trump’s job approval rating. Explore this interactive map to learn more about the 2018 midterm Senate race.

Millennials square off on gun control outside NRA meeting

Hundreds of students from around the country protesting gun violence faced off against a smaller group of gun supporters, many of whom were carrying their weapons, a few blocks from the massive annual conference of the National Rifle Association on May 5, 2018, in Dallas, Texas. But many of the millennials on both sides of the argument agreed on one idea: the need for strong universal background checks.

NRA efforts to attract women are working for some

Mothers on both sides of the gun control issue shared their perspective during the NRA’s annual convention and during rallies that protested the presence of the gun advocacy group in Dallas, Texas this past weekend.

U.S. and European allies continue talks of reforming Iran deal before May 12 deadline

President Donald Trump said he does not think the deal, known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, goes far enough in preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapons program. If the United States fails to re-certify the deal by the May 12 deadline, the trade sanctions that the U.S., France, Britain and Germany lifted in exchange for Iran’s promise to abandon its program could snap back into place on the U.S. side.

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