Activists shifting abortion debate to focus on human rights

WASHINGTON — With the future of abortion rights on the verge of changing like no time since before Roe v. Wade, advocates are presenting new arguments to plead their cases. Both sides have amped up messaging in an effort to intertwine human rights and abortion since...

VIDEO: Is Trump Making a Play for the LGBTQ Vote in 2020?

President Trump recently announced a plan to combat the ban on homosexuality in several nations. He also announced plans to stop new HIV infections in the U.S. by 2030. Is this outreach to the LGBTQ community for the 2020 election?

Scholars: Trump’s emergency border order stands on shaky grounds

WASHINGTON -- Constitutional law scholars say President Donald Trump's emergency declaration to fund a border wall stands on shaky legal authority, but they are divided on his chances of persuading the courts to let it stand. The declaration, announced on Friday after...

Trump ignores environment in State of the Union

In his second State of the Union address, President Donald Trump focused heavily on foreign policy, immigration and the need for a border wall while completely ignoring the environment and climate change, reflecting the issues important to his supporters.

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