WASHINGTON — Around 30,000 people gathered a few blocks away from the White House this past weekend for a taste of food and culture at the fourth annual Around the World Culture Food festival.

“We see that everyone is embracing other people’s cultures. That’s what keeps all of us going,” said organizer Corina Serbanescu. “It’s interesting to see so many cultures coming together in such a peaceful way.”

Many visitors were thrilled to see booths representing 30 countries. Some hoped more cultures would be included next year.

“I heard that it’s the first time Romania has a booth at the festival. I want to thank the people who organized this,” said Adriana Betrescu, an Arlington, Virginia resident of Romanian origin. “(The) U.S. is a multicultural country. And I think this is a little place to express the connections between people from different countries.”

The event at Feature Plaza on Saturday featured traditional foods, artifacts and performances.