GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA – Camp X-Ray received the first prisoners in the War on Terror in January 2002. Suspected al-Qaida and Taliban fighters arrived shackled wearing orange jumpsuits, blackout goggles and face masks. They were on their way to eight by eight cube cells once used to house refugees passing through the naval base. Images of the detainees kneeling on the gravel surrounded by chain-link fence, barbed wire and US military service members have stuck in the heads of Americans ever since. The camp only lasted four months before the majority of the detainees were transferred to a newly constructed prison-style facility named Camp Delta.

The camp has been abandoned for over 13 years and nature has begun to reclaim what was once Cuban countryside. At the end of his presidency, George Bush said that it was time to close Guantanamo. President Barack Obama declared from the start that Guantanamo Bay would be closed with in a year. There are still 119 detainees being held in camps just a short drive from the now defunct Camp X-Ray.

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