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Latest in Politics

Latest in Politics

Wisconsin officials press USPS for assurances on election-related mail

In Wisconsin and other states across the country, reports of mail delays in USPS deliveries, along with mailboxes being removed and mail sorting machines being disconnected, have sparked serious concerns over the Postal Service’s ability to handle the upcoming November election.

Latest in Environment

Latest in Environment

Area farmers seek government aid to improve renewable energy use

Farmers in Albany and across the U.S. want to rely on renewable energy sources to earn more money and protect the environment, however, they don’t have the state or federal support needed to overcome the initial price and maintenance costs of the technology.

Pause in fieldwork hurts scientists’ plans for research, futures

While the pause in field research has allowed scientists to spend more time on data analysis and reading academic papers, experts say that fieldwork is an important part of research in some fields, and the cancellation of this research could delay some students’ completion of their PhD programs.

Latest in National Security

Latest in National Security

Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman to Troops: Tell Us What’s Bothering You

Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs Gen. John Hyten said troops voicing their concerns made for a healthy military at a talk on Wednesday. Additionally, the general also approved of moving troops from Germany. America’s adversaries are now closer to Poland and Romania, and troops should be stationed their instead, he said.

Latest in Campaign 2020

The incumbent vs. the veteran: a breakdown of Florida’s district 12 congressional race

The incumbent vs. the veteran: a breakdown of Florida’s district 12 congressional race

Bilirakis first served in the Florida legislature for eight years before heading to Congress in 2007. This year marks his 14th serving on Capitol Hill. Walker came from a self-described poor family and, like many in her family before her, joined the military out of high school. The candidates oppose each other on issues like health care and how they would best serve veterans.

Latest in Campaign 2020

Biden’s climate policy hits the sweet spot

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden released a $2 trillion climate policy that outlines aggressive commitments to combat climate change. It’s the product of a joint task force between Biden and former primary rival Bernie Sanders.

Latest in Education

In Chicago, debate around police-free schools rages on

Black Lives Matter activists have pushed to cut police funding, but they also are protesting the presence of police in schools. However, some experts and a school shooting survivor said this week that the officers are important in keeping schools safe.


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