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Latest in Politics

Latest in Politics

Latest in Environment

Latest in Environment

Area farmers seek government aid to improve renewable energy use

Farmers in Albany and across the U.S. want to rely on renewable energy sources to earn more money and protect the environment, however, they don’t have the state or federal support needed to overcome the initial price and maintenance costs of the technology.

Pause in fieldwork hurts scientists’ plans for research, futures

While the pause in field research has allowed scientists to spend more time on data analysis and reading academic papers, experts say that fieldwork is an important part of research in some fields, and the cancellation of this research could delay some students’ completion of their PhD programs.

Latest in National Security

Latest in National Security

Here’s why Chinese sanctions against Lockheed Martin are a paper tiger

Recently announced Chinese sanctions on Lockheed Martin are likely more to send a political message than actually punish the company. Lockheed only makes 2% of its revenue in China. China has a history of using sanctions to threaten companies that do business in China. This could be the latest example of China saying, “If you sell weapons to Taiwan, we’ll come after you.”

Latest in Campaign 2020

Latest in Campaign 2020

Biden’s climate policy hits the sweet spot

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden released a $2 trillion climate policy that outlines aggressive commitments to combat climate change. It’s the product of a joint task force between Biden and former primary rival Bernie Sanders.

Latest in Education

Parents want to know how children identify their gender, national survey finds

The Heritage Foundation conducted a nationwide survey asking parents and school board members about teaching gender identity in schools. Of the school board members surveyed, 80 percent said they do not think schools should teach kindergarteners to “challenge gender stereotypes” or be provided with sexual activity instruction, including sexual orientation and gender identity. Similarly, two-thirds of the parents surveyed agreed.


Trapped: How the Pandemic Affects Domestic Violence Services

Trapped: How the Pandemic Affects Domestic Violence Services

Reporter Nicole Girten looked at how the stay at home order affected domestic violence victims and victims’ services for the Illinois Channel. There was a 46% decrease in reports to CPD between March 21 and June 1 of 2020 as compared to the same date range in 2019. Experts said this decrease was because victims couldn’t leave their homes to report the abuse.

Latest in Health

Nation’s medical experts plan for a vaccine by 2021

The heads of the National Institutes for Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority appeared before the Senate Appropriations Committee health subcommittee to explain their efforts to produce and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine, which they are calling Operation Warp Speed.

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