Featured, National Security NDAA includes removing Confederates' names from military bases. The House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday approved a proposal to rename military bases named after Confederate soldiers and another to set limits on the president’s power to reduce U.S. troops in Europe; U.S. military ... CONTINUE READING Featured, National Security Shortage of Drone Pilots Leads to Health Issues Among Air Force Personnel, GAO Report Says The Air Force does not have enough pilots and operators to meet its staffing targets for unmanned aircrafts, causing mental and physical health problems for existing personnel, a Government Accountability Office report said.   Since 9/11, there ... CONTINUE READING Featured, National Security Five burn-in' questions on the 'real robotic revolution' A future where artificial intelligence controls Washington D.C. may not be far off, according to a new book from Peter Singer and August Cole: “Burn-In, a Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution.” Like the authors’ previous ... CONTINUE READING Featured, National Security European nations may be hesitant to trust AI for cybersecurity WASHINGTON – When U.S. leaders talk about the promise of artificial intelligence, one application they regularly discuss is cybersecurity. But experts say European countries have thus far proven to be more measured in their approach ... CONTINUE READING

Women’s March teams up with Anti-War Movement

https://vimeo.com/386339519 WASHINGTON - The women’s march this past weekend included many different interests and policy goals, including those lobbying against war with Iran. “War is a women’s issue,” said Donna Farvard, organizing director for the National Iranian...

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Medill Today | Friday, July 10, 2020

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