CSIS Five-Year Plan Featured, Foreign Affairs, National Security, Politics China’s new Five-Year Plan projected to focus on security WASHINGTON – Amid intensifying geopolitical tensions with the United States, China is expected to heavily emphasize national security and, to a lesser degree, technology independence, in its upcoming its 14th five-year plan, several China experts ... CONTINUE READING Featured, National Security, Topics McCabe denies any wrongdoing during hearing on Crossfire Hurricane WASHINGTON — The Committee on the Judiciary held its fourth day of an oversight hearing on Crossfire Hurricane, the F.B.I. investigation into President Trump’s campaign and its ties to Russia on Nov. 10. "We're ... CONTINUE READING Featured, National Security VA Falls Short on Providing Specific Health Care to LGBT Veterans, GAO Report Finds The Department of Veteran Affairs can't systematically analyze the health of LGBT veterans because it doesn't consistently collect data on sexual orientation or self-identified gender identity, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability ... CONTINUE READING Coronavirus, Featured, National Security Navy Got Head Start on Remote Recruiting. When the Pandemic Hit, It Paid Off CHICAGO -- As Americans scrambled to figure out remote work when the novel coronavirus pandemic hit in March, the Navy found itself ahead of the game: it was already implementing a plan to recruit and ... CONTINUE READING
DHS removes privacy protections for Insider Threat Program

DHS removes privacy protections for Insider Threat Program

The Department of Homeland Security finalized a new rule Tuesday that broadens its ability to investigate insider threats by eliminating key Privacy Act protections for all past and current employees regardless of their security clearance.

Comey Defends Trump-Russian Investigation At Senate Judiciary Hearing

Comey Defends Trump-Russian Investigation At Senate Judiciary Hearing

Former FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to testify via video conference on Wednesday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
His testimony comes as a continuation of the ongoing investigation over Russian interference in the 2016 election, known as the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. It revolves around then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign and its relationship with Russian operatives.

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Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman to Troops: Tell Us What’s Bothering You

Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs Gen. John Hyten said troops voicing their concerns made for a healthy military at a talk on Wednesday. Additionally, the general also approved of moving troops from Germany. America’s adversaries are now closer to Poland and Romania, and troops should be stationed their instead, he said.

COVID-19 an ‘ally’ for ISIS in the Philippines, DoD report finds

The U.S. and the Philippines have not been able to make significant progress against extremism in the indo-pacific, and IG report found. Additionally, COVID-19 has been an opportunity for ISIS to expand it’s recruitment in the Philippines. Additionally, the pandemic has stymied America’s ability to provide military and humanitarian aid in the region.

Energy execs tell Senate cybersecurity has become crucial

Cybersecurity is a major issue in America’s energy and gas infrastructure, a group of government officials and energy executives told Congress on Wednesday. Not only are major companies at risk of attack, the energy supply chain can be attacked when small suppliers are infiltrated by cyber criminals.

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