Featured, National Security Sudden Death of South Korea’s First Trans Soldier Sparks Military to Step Forward to Inclusion SEOUL – South Korea’s Minister of National Defense Suh Wook said research on military service by transgender individuals is necessary, a milestone in the LGBTQ rights movement in one of the least inclusive countries in ... CONTINUE READING Featured, Foreign Affairs, Military, National Security Cancer-causing compounds found at former U.S. Army heliport in South Korea SEOUL, South Korea — A former U.S. Army heliport and runway at Camp Walker in South Korea’s southeastern city of Daegu were found by a South Korean government agency to be contaminated with cancer-causing substances, ... CONTINUE READING Featured, National Security Despite No New Defense Deal, U.S. Forces Korea did not Issue a Furlough Notice to South Korean Employees SEOUL – United States Forces Korea’s failure to notify approximately 9,000 South Korean employees at the end of January as legally required if they may be facing furloughs may signal that a new defense cost-sharing ... CONTINUE READING Featured, National Security Space Force chief works to shake misunderstandings about military branch WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Space Force's top general said Wednesday that Americans generally find it "hard to understand" how the Space Force affects them, a day after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made light of what experts ... CONTINUE READING

U.S. Internet Freedom Plunges for Fourth Consecutive Year

WASHINGTON – Internet freedom in the United States dropped for the fourth consecutive year amid a global trend of countries using the COVID-19 pandemic as cover for silencing digital platforms, according to the Freedom on the Net 2020 report by Freedom House released...

DHS removes privacy protections for Insider Threat Program

The Department of Homeland Security finalized a new rule Tuesday that broadens its ability to investigate insider threats by eliminating key Privacy Act protections for all past and current employees regardless of their security clearance.

Task force: U.S. must prioritize AI in race to defend against Russia, China

The bipartisan Future of Defense Task Force released its final report following a months-long review of U.S. defense assets and capabilities. It recommended that the Department of Defense prioritize investing in artificial intelligence, supply chain resiliency and cyberwarfare in order to deal with imminent threats from China and Russia.

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