Inauguration, Topics Biden supporters believe unity is finally possible WASHINGTON – Inauguration Day 2021: a small crowd gathered behind the National Guard-enforced barricade on Black Lives Matter Plaza. Music blaring loudly from a speaker near the front of the crowd suddenly stopped and was ... CONTINUE READING Journalists surround American at Capitol Featured, Inauguration, Politics, Topics Washington transformed: Soldiers dominate the streets leading up to Biden-Harris inauguration WASHINGTON — Soldiers and police outnumbered civilians on the streets of Washington D.C. in the week leading up to President Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday, two weeks after the violent attempted insurrection at the Capitol ... CONTINUE READING Featured, Inauguration Frederick’s Alpha Company helps secure D.C. during inauguration week WASHINGTON – Members of Maryland Army National Guard’s Frederick-based Alpha Company say that their mission to ensure a peaceful transition of power for the inauguration of President Joe Biden was a success. At least 800 members ... CONTINUE READING Featured, Inauguration, Topics VIDEO: An Unusual Inauguration WASHINGTON – In stark contrast to the hundreds of thousands who would normally travel to Washington for the inauguration ceremony, small groups watched the swearing in on their cell phones. Those who were there described the ... CONTINUE READING

All’s Quiet on the Inauguration Front

The commander of a Pennsylvania National Guard unit that has been stationed in Washington for 10 days said the he didn’t notice any uptick in anxiety among the troops on Inauguation Day.

Cheers to Inauguration-Themed Food

With the 2021 presidential inauguration approaching and much of the district in lockdown, some Washington restaurants are finding unique ways to market their products.

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Medill Today | Tuesday, December 5, 2023




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