Environment, Featured Carbon dioxide removal is critical in next decade, experts tell Congress Removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is a critical step in tamping down global temperature rise and meeting the Paris Agreement's long-term temperature goal, energy experts told Congress on Tuesday. Experts from the U.S. Department ... CONTINUE READING Environment, Featured Area farmers seek government aid to improve renewable energy use Even before consequences of COVID-19 threatened Americans’ financial security, U.S. farmers and ranchers recognized they could protect the environment and save money by transitioning to renewable energy sources. But initial prices and the cost of maintenance ... CONTINUE READING Coronavirus, Environment, Featured, Science + Technology Pause in fieldwork hurts scientists' plans for research, futures Sophia Horigan was supposed to study gypsy moths in a southwestern Michigan forest this spring and summer. Instead, the University of Chicago PhD student is studying in her apartment, where she rotates between a wooden table ... CONTINUE READING Coronavirus, Environment, Featured HEROES Act provision aims to fund environmental justice efforts This month, House Democrats passed the $3 trillion HEREOS Act. This act would give $50 million to Environmental Protection Agency grant programs aimed at alleviating environmental problems that disproportionately affect communities of color, including exacerbating susceptibility to COVID-19. “We ... CONTINUE READING

Senators revive search for nuclear waste storage site

A bipartisan group of senators has revived the longstanding issue of where to store and dispose of nuclear waste with a new bill proposing centralized interim storage while a search for a permanent disposal site is conducted.

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Medill Today | Tuesday, September 22, 2020 

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