Environment, Featured Republicans eye the SEC’s climate-related disclosure regulations, should they take control of congress WASHINGTON — After the Securities and Exchange Commission held more than 150 meetings this year with investors and other stakeholders interested in its pending regulations that would require companies to disclose climate-related risks and greenhouse ... CONTINUE READING Shell petrochemical plant in Beaver County, Pennsylvania Environment A new, massive plastics plant in southwest Pennsylvania barely registers among voters Environmentalists in Beaver County alarmed by harmful emissions from the plant once it opens say they are discouraged by most voters' inattention, but not deterred. ALIQUIPPA, Pa. -- From the tranquility of her garden in Beaver ... CONTINUE READING Environment, Featured Threatened emperor penguins a global issue as New Zealand Prime Minister visits Antarctica WASHINGTON - Antarctica is home to the coldest place on Earth and 70% of the planet’s freshwater, but the absence of human occupation makes it easy to overlook the continent’s rapidly changing climate. This week, ... CONTINUE READING Environment, Featured Adaptation finance to be a key issue at COP27 WASHINGTON — With just three weeks to go until the opening of the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, known as COP27, small island states and coastal ... CONTINUE READING

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Medill Today | Tuesday, December 6, 2022



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