Business & Tech, Featured Federal Reserve leaders challenged to do more to help communities of color during COVID-19 recession WASHINGTON- Leaders of several regional Federal Reserve banks were challenged Wednesday to do more to help low-income and minority communities survive the COVID-19 recession, especially considering the recent breakdown of congressional financial relief talks. “The Federal ... CONTINUE READING Business & Tech, Featured A Day After Trump Ended Stimulus Negotiations, Experts Call for Fiscal Support to Counter COVID-19 Crisis WASHINGTON – An increase in fiscal spending is necessary to respond to COVID-19, a panel of practitioners and experts from Japan, Germany, and the United States agreed at Wednesday’s online discussion hosted by the Center ... CONTINUE READING Business & Tech, Featured, Topics Google, Facebook and Twitter CEOs Confronted With Senate Subpoenas WASHINGTON – The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation unanimously voted on Thursday to compel the CEOs of Google, Facebook, and Twitter to appear before the committee amid concerns over the tech giants’ monopolistic ... CONTINUE READING Picture of the room with several people seated during the hearing Business & Tech, Topics Head of U.S. government news networks disobeys congressional subpoena WASHINGTON – The new head of the United States Agency for Global Media failed to appear before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Thursday, ignoring a subpoena the committee issued last week ordering him ... CONTINUE READING


San Diego County Farmers See Big Drop In Flower Sales

Hannah Gbeh, executive director of the San Diego County Farm Bureau, said sales for cut flowers have dropped dramatically — by as much as 90% for one grower — because weddings and special events were called off.

US-China photovoltaic war hurts US solar projects and manufacturers

Washington -- Although solar industry officials have praised the Jan. 15 trade deal between the United States and China, the trade war between the two nations’ solar industries continues and U.S. companies have been hurt the worst. Since President Donald Trump placed...

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