Business & Tech, Featured Minority- and female-owned businesses hurt more by COVID-19 Kizzy Williams, the owner of Allie B's Cozy Kitchen, still remembers preparing to open her restaurant six years ago: She scrubbed the stove, stored food and relied on a network of customers and employees to ... CONTINUE READING Business & Tech, Coronavirus U.S. contact-tracing efforts on Covid-19 falter on privacy worries, technology gap Countries such as South Korea have curbed the coronavirus by using contact-tracing phone apps, but the U.S. has stalled in its own efforts because of privacy concerns and other hurdles. One of the biggest challenges, experts ... CONTINUE READING Business & Tech, Economy Fed's Evans calls to address racial inequities along with economic recovery Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans called to address racial inequities as Chicago rebuilds its economy from the coronavirus crisis during a Chicago Fed virtual forum Tuesday. “Tragically, the most affected are our most vulnerable ... CONTINUE READING Business & Tech, Featured Experts: Slowdown in business travel may hurt meetings, help planet As state and local governments across the country begin to ease stay-at-home orders, many companies do not plan to return to business as usual anytime soon. Offices will remain vacant, and business travelers, who spend ... CONTINUE READING


San Diego County Farmers See Big Drop In Flower Sales

San Diego County Farmers See Big Drop In Flower Sales

Hannah Gbeh, executive director of the San Diego County Farm Bureau, said sales for cut flowers have dropped dramatically — by as much as 90% for one grower — because weddings and special events were called off.

Boeing CEO admits company made mistakes over 737 Max

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg testified Tuesday at a congressional hearing on the anniversary of the crash of Lion Air flight 610 in Indonesia that killed 189 people. In March, after an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max went down killing 157 people, the plane was grounded worldwide.

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