Business & Tech, Featured Biden freezes Trump’s last-minute visa rules WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden has frozen for 60 days last-minute rules from the Trump administration that would allow only higher-wage foreign workers to be employed in the U.S. Under a final rule issued Jan. 8 ... CONTINUE READING Business & Tech, Featured, Social Justice Paid for by the people: how Venmo, CashApp and GoFundMe are changing digital activism In the months since George Floyd’s death on May 25, activists have taken to social media to organize and mobilize the ensuing racial justice movement like never before. Accessibility and immediacy of apps like Instagram ... CONTINUE READING Business & Tech, Featured, Politics Parler contributes to election misinformation and partisan divide WASHINGTON — As Twitter and Facebook cracked down on the spread of election misinformation in recent months, conservatives flocked to Parler, an app that has no regulations about posting misinformation. The app jumped to the number ... CONTINUE READING Business & Tech, Featured Black Entrepreneurs Build Community Prosperity and Fight Systemic Challenges Iesha Malone wants her community to feel like home. So she has set out to create Rose Café, a bookstore and coffee shop to be stocked with books that elevate Black voices and empower the ... CONTINUE READING


Google, Facebook and Twitter CEOs Confronted With Senate Subpoenas

Google, Facebook and Twitter CEOs Confronted With Senate Subpoenas

WASHINGTON – The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation unanimously voted on Thursday to compel the CEOs of Google, Facebook, and Twitter to appear before the committee amid concerns over the tech giants’ monopolistic powers and legal immunity. The...

Experts: Slowdown in business travel may hurt meetings, help planet

As state and local governments across the country begin to ease stay-at-home orders, many companies do not plan to return to business as usual anytime soon. Offices will remain vacant, and business travelers, who spend much of their time in airports and on planes, will remain grounded.

San Diego County Farmers See Big Drop In Flower Sales

Hannah Gbeh, executive director of the San Diego County Farm Bureau, said sales for cut flowers have dropped dramatically — by as much as 90% for one grower — because weddings and special events were called off.

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