Mental Health Within the African-American Community: a call to action

Mental Health Within the African-American Community: a call to action

African-Americans has faced several discrepancies with mental health. Rather it being the lack of communication when discussing the topic, the scarcity of mental health care access or simply the lack of representation of African-American psychiatrists and psychologists; in each instance, it has become a nationwide issue that has finally been called to attention.

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Family sues after DNA kit reveals fertility clinic secret

An Ohio woman has sued a fertility clinic after a DNA kit bought as a Christmas gift revealed that the man she thought was her father is not biologically related to her. She accuses the clinic of using a stranger’s sperm to fertilize her mother’s egg.

Zebrafish are making waves for limb regeneration research WASHINGTON, April 3 -- Could humans regrow their limbs? Researchers are considering this possibility as they study the regrowth of tail fins and other organs in zebrafish. Zebrafish are a member of the minnow family that live in freshwater...

Activists shifting abortion debate to focus on human rights

WASHINGTON — With the future of abortion rights on the verge of changing like no time since before Roe v. Wade, advocates are presenting new arguments to plead their cases. Both sides have amped up messaging in an effort to intertwine human rights and abortion since...

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African-American voters in South Carolina discuss the primary // February 29, 2020

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