Featured, Health Record-High Overdose Numbers Prompt Ossoff, Grassley to Join Forces WASHINGTON – Since the first American contracted Covid-19 in January 2020, the pandemic has been inescapable on the forefront of the country’s collective mind – and not without good reason. Last month, the coronavirus, which ... CONTINUE READING Health Lawmakers take steps to raise awareness of the risks of vaping WASHINGTON - Lawmakers have introduced bipartisan legislation to educate the public about and call attention to the risks of vaping. It would also allow the FDA to better regulate the vaping market. Vaping is increasing in ... CONTINUE READING Featured, Health, Immigration Undocumented immigrants sought far less health care after Trump launched his campaign, new study shows WASHINGTON — Undocumented immigrants were less likely to visit primary care physicians after former President Trump launched his presidential campaign in 2015, according to a March study — suggesting his rhetoric had a chilling effect, ... CONTINUE READING burnout Featured, Health Some therapists face burnout as pandemic increases need for mental health The Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open has found that the COVID-19 pandemic tripled the rate of depression in U.S. adults, causing more adults to seek mental health help. That increase has led ... CONTINUE READING

Lawmakers cleared the way for telemedicine, but seniors need access, training

The Trump administration has loosened restrictions on insurance coverage for telemedicine so doctors’ offices are able to bill for virtual appointments just as they do for office appointments. But some patient advocates worry that barriers still remain for seniors, one of the populations most vulnerable to COVID-19.

On front lines of COVID battle, mental anguish

In a recent statement, Tonko noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in June revealed more than 40% of adults in the U.S. reported struggling with their mental health. The numbers show a “widespread, quiet suffering” within American households that will have lasting consequences, he said.

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Medill Today | Thursday, October 14, 2021



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