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Despite ‘on fire’ conditions, children remain in ICE custody

Earlier this month, a California judge ordered the release of more than 100 migrant children from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody; however, after ICE failed to meet specific prerequisites to release the children, the judge declared her order was “unenforceable.” The children remain in detention.

International students relieved by Trump admin’s rescission of ICE student visa policy

A little over a week after ICE announced a ban on international students attending online-only U.S. colleges in the fall, the Trump administration rescinded the agency’s decision at a Tuesday hearing in a federal lawsuit filed by Harvard University and MIT against the Department of Homeland Security and ICE. The rescission has left many international students relieved and hopeful about their academic futures in the States, yet some are also frustrated by the chaos and stress ICE’s policy created to begin with.

Left in Limbo: International Students Grapple With Uncertainty Following ICE Ban

ICE’s move to bar international students under the F-1 and M-1 visas from the country if they don’t attend in-person classes has left those directly affected by the policy in limbo. Those opposed to the recent announcement say that ending the exemption poses several consequences on the livelihood of international students who now face uncertain academic futures and greater health risks if forced to attend in-person classes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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