Kiggans stands in front of an American flag with supporters waving signs in front of her. Politics Kiggans Flips Virginia’s 2nd District for Republicans VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Although the predicted red wave did not occur, Republicans still took control of the House by a handful of seats. One of the seats they flipped was Virginia’s 2nd District. Republican ... CONTINUE READING Kim Teehee, a Cherokee woman, stands in a U.S. House of Representatives committee room. Featured, Politics House considers adding non-voting delegate for Cherokee Nation WASHINGTON -- The Cherokee Nation could soon have a non-voting delegate in Congress. Creating the role would fulfill a promise from a nearly 200-year-old treaty with the U.S. federal government. “Why now?” Chuck Hoskin Jr., the ... CONTINUE READING Politics Young voters leave their mark on Pennsylvania's elections PITTSBURGH – “Have you registered to vote yet? All the cool people are doing it,” a PittVotes volunteer shouted into a bullhorn on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus in October. Under his tent, a calendar ... CONTINUE READING Featured, Politics Biden and Harris celebrate Democrat's midterm performance at DNC event WASHINGTON - Although Democrats are projected to lose control of the House, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris presented the election results as a victory at a Thursday Democratic National Committee event with ... CONTINUE READING

The European Union will not give up until Putin gives in

Peter Stano, a top spokesperson for the European Union, ponders how Russian President Vladamir Putin will proceed moving forward and the significance of the cooperation between the European Union and the United States in their support of Ukraine.

Congress passes spending bill before Friday deadline

A rare commodity in Washington – strong bipartisan support – helped the Senate and House move forward in passing the stopgap budget bill Sept. 30. The bill would fund the federal government through December 16. Both parties share the desire to finish quickly in order...

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Medill Today | Tuesday, December 6, 2022



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