Featured, Politics Young lawmakers rally for gun reform WASHINGTON -- Some of the nation's youngest lawmakers joined forces on Wednesday to inspire young voters and rally for gun reform. The event, "On the Frontlines of Democracy: Young and Fed Up," included passionate speeches ... CONTINUE READING The sun shines above the Supreme Court building on Wednesday as people walk nearby. Featured, Politics, Topics Supreme Court hears arguments in First Amendment case over 'true threats' WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday tackled the question of what types of statements should be considered "true threats." The Justices heard oral arguments in Counterman v. Colorado, which examines whether the government must show that ... CONTINUE READING Featured, Politics Abortion activists come together after a Texas federal judge orders ban on mifepristone An update to this article was made on April 13, 2022: WASHINGTON – On Wednesday night, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decided to allow restricted access to the abortion pill mifepristone. Two of the major ... CONTINUE READING Politics On The Global Stage, Jacinda Ardern Was a Climate Champion, But Victories Were Hard to Come by at Home Standing before a crowd of more than 2,000 people shortly before her election as Prime Minister in 2017, Jacinda Ardern declared that climate change was her “generation’s nuclear free moment.” Referring to New Zealand’s decision in ... CONTINUE READING

Kiggans Flips Virginia’s 2nd District for Republicans

Although the predicted red wave did not occur, Republicans still managed to take control of the House. One of the seats they flipped was Virginia’s 2nd District, where State Senator Jen Kiggans (R-Virginia Beach) unseated Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.).

Young voters leave their mark on Pennsylvania’s elections

PITTSBURGH – “Have you registered to vote yet? All the cool people are doing it,” a PittVotes volunteer shouted into a bullhorn on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus in October. Under his tent, a calendar declared 20 days until the voter registration deadline.  For...

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