Politics On The Global Stage, Jacinda Ardern Was a Climate Champion, But Victories Were Hard to Come by at Home Standing before a crowd of more than 2,000 people shortly before her election as Prime Minister in 2017, Jacinda Ardern declared that climate change was her “generation’s nuclear free moment.” Referring to New Zealand’s decision in ... CONTINUE READING Featured, Politics The Gas Stove Debate After a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner proposed a ban on future gas stoves earlier this year, he sparked a national debate. But what’s behind this uproar? New studies have found that gas emissions from ... CONTINUE READING Featured, Politics Senators use 'blue slips' to exercise power on federal judge appointments While the president has the power to appoint judges, the Senate reserves the power to approve or oppose the nominees. Before a future judge even has the chance to be voted on by the Senate, ... CONTINUE READING Featured, Immigration, Politics Recent congressional review of D.C. council legislation invigorates calls for statehood WASHINGTON - Before moving to DC in 2014, Zachary Ferguson rarely thought about the district’s voting rights. Now, he realizes that thousands of Americans do not have voting members in the Senate or House of ... CONTINUE READING

Young voters leave their mark on Pennsylvania’s elections

PITTSBURGH – “Have you registered to vote yet? All the cool people are doing it,” a PittVotes volunteer shouted into a bullhorn on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus in October. Under his tent, a calendar declared 20 days until the voter registration deadline.  For...

Americans surpass early voting records for midterm elections

With less than a week before Election Day, more than 29 million people had already voted in-person or via mail-in ballots, the United States Elections Project data showed Wednesday. According to Gallup, early voting in this election is higher than in any recent midterm.

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Medill Today | Tuesday, December 6, 2022



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