assistive technology specialist, works with a student Education, Featured The Challenge of Teaching Students With Visual Disabilities From Afar To remotely teach her 5-year-old blind student how to navigate a new school this summer, Jennifer Freeman, an orientation and mobility in Escondido County, Calif., had to get creative. She made a large tactical map ... CONTINUE READING Carter G. Woodson - Black History Month Stamp Education, Featured, Topics Oversimplifying Black History: what schools do wrong WASHINGTON —With one week left in Black History Month, some scholars and activists say it’s time to change the way the subject is taught in schools, shining a light on systemic racism in addition to ... CONTINUE READING Coronavirus, Education, Featured, Immigration For some of Florida’s international students, remote learning comes with added burdens The day before the University of South Florida’s virtual commencement in December, senior Lucca Salgueiro decided to postpone his graduation. The plan was for the student to attend the online ceremony from his hometown of São ... CONTINUE READING Education, Featured Lowering student debt still on Biden's agenda WASHINGTON — A number of state universities and community colleges across the Capitol Region hope that the Biden administration will make colleges more affordable to lower-income students and minority groups as well as provide relief ... CONTINUE READING

In Chicago, debate around police-free schools rages on

Black Lives Matter activists have pushed to cut police funding, but they also are protesting the presence of police in schools. However, some experts and a school shooting survivor said this week that the officers are important in keeping schools safe.

District gears up to help students cope with COVID-19

The City School District of Albany relies on grants, partnerships and parents’ personal health care to maintain their school-based health centers in three of their middle schools — but Superintendent Kaweeda Adams anticipates an increase in demand while their K-12 students cope with stress and trauma during COVID-19.

Does the CARES Act Present a Funding Threat to Higher Education?

? For-profit colleges accounted for 71 of the 100 schools that received the most emergency grant funding per student from the CARES Act, as shown by an analysis of Education Department data by students at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University....

Parents want to know how children identify their gender, national survey finds

The Heritage Foundation conducted a nationwide survey asking parents and school board members about teaching gender identity in schools. Of the school board members surveyed, 80 percent said they do not think schools should teach kindergarteners to “challenge gender stereotypes” or be provided with sexual activity instruction, including sexual orientation and gender identity. Similarly, two-thirds of the parents surveyed agreed.

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