Education, Featured, Politics, Topics The Final Question - The Vice Presidential Debate WASHINGTON - The final question at the vice presidential debate came from someone who can’t vote, Utah 8th grader Brecklynn Brown. It was a surprise to Brown when moderator Susan Page ended the debate with Brown’s ... CONTINUE READING Education, Featured, Topics Murphy pushes for alternatives to police for ensuring school safety Safety in schools is essential to protect staff and students, but police officers too often target students of color, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said Tuesday at a University of Connecticut meeting to review how to ... CONTINUE READING Education, Topics Betsy DeVos addresses HBCU board of advisors on funding for colleges amid COVID-19 WASHINGTON – Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Wednesday that the Trump Administration is dedicated to providing funds to Historically Black Colleges and Universities amid the coronavirus pandemic. “The success of all students is a priority for ... CONTINUE READING Education, Featured, Topics In Chicago, debate around police-free schools rages on Black Lives Matter activists have pushed to cut police funding, but they also are protesting the presence of police in schools. However, some experts and a school shooting survivor said this week that the officers ... CONTINUE READING
Does the CARES Act Present a Funding Threat to Higher Education?

Does the CARES Act Present a Funding Threat to Higher Education?

? For-profit colleges accounted for 71 of the 100 schools that received the most emergency grant funding per student from the CARES Act, as shown by an analysis of Education Department data by students at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University....

Parents want to know how children identify their gender, national survey finds

Parents want to know how children identify their gender, national survey finds

The Heritage Foundation conducted a nationwide survey asking parents and school board members about teaching gender identity in schools. Of the school board members surveyed, 80 percent said they do not think schools should teach kindergarteners to “challenge gender stereotypes” or be provided with sexual activity instruction, including sexual orientation and gender identity. Similarly, two-thirds of the parents surveyed agreed.

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Sex education at Albany area schools remains an ongoing conversation

Young people engage in risky sexual behavior whenever they have free time, according to Children’s Aid Society’s director of family planning and pregnancy prevention programs Pascale Saintonge Austin. Learn more about how Albany schools are teaching sex education during the pandemic.

Maryland senators push McConnell to vote on HBCU funding

Maryland’s four historically black colleges and universities could face layoffs, expired contracts and programming issues if the federal funding for HBCUs nationwide is not renewed for at least two years, the state’s two U.S. senators warned Wednesday at a news conference.

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