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New satellite to transform environmental tracking, but at what cost?

New satellite to transform environmental tracking, but at what cost?

For 40 years, the United States has sent Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) into orbit, where they are producing images every 15 minutes in geosynchronous orbit, approximately 22,300 miles above Earth. They provide cloud, land, and ocean temperatures; monitor activities of the sun; and relay emergency locator beacon signals to assist with search and rescue activities. The GOES R-Series, which is the next generation of GOES satellite, is scheduled to launch in March 2016.

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U.S. puts ‘eyes in the sky’ to counter dangerous algae growth

U.S. puts ‘eyes in the sky’ to counter dangerous algae growth

The concern for algal bloom prompted scientists at NOAAto team up with colleagues at the Environmental Protection Agency, United States Geological Survey and National Aeronautics and Space Administration to develop an early warning system. It launchedon April. 7, and is now working to detect the growth of blue-green toxins in major waterways using existing ocean color satellite images.

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Republicans and Paul compete over young voters

Republicans have a “significant opportunity” to gain young voters, but the presidential candidate who has most doggedly courted them is not reaping the fruits of his labor. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has long worked to broaden the GOP tent by advocating for reforms in...

World Oil Market Status Quo and U.S. Oil Trade

An Energy Information Agency (EIA) report indicates that the U.S. may cut the percentage of import dependence of crude oil and liquid fuel by roughly 50 percent in 2040 and may have a chance to become a self-sufficient net exporter in the future. The above...

Cuba: a market to be opened up

On December 17, 2014, President Barack Obama and President Raúl Castro announced that the United States and Cuba would seek to reestablish diplomatic relations. Since then, the two countries have engaged in bilateral negotiations in Havana and Washington, and the...

Protests Sparking Voter Turnout Only in Some Cities

WASHINGTON -- In communities where people have taken to the streets to protest injustice, some activists have acted on their convictions by also marching on to polling places to try to bring about change. But it depends on circumstances. According to election results...

Winter storm water no cure for California droughts

As California’s dry season starts, increased water supply from winter storms are not helping ease the drought-stricken state as much as expected. According to the latest State Water Project allocation, contractors have received 200,000 acre-feet more water than...

Reince Priebus touts 2014 victory, looks forward to 2016

To translate their sweeping victory in the midterm election to a winning White House bid in 2016, Republicans must play an error-free game over the next two years, the chairman of the Republican National Committee told reporters Friday. “I think we've got to be about...

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