WASHINGTON – Thousands of counter-protesters gathered in Washington on Sunday in response to the alt-right’s “Unite the Rally 2” one year after clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, left one woman dead.






French bulldog with a LGBTQ bandana heading to the counter protest with its owner. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)









Woman speaking at the counter protest in Freedom Plaza. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)





Couple holding a “Coexist” sign at the counter protest in Freedom Plaza. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)





Man displaying a picture of Heather Heyer, the woman who was killed at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Young man displaying “ANTIFA” group label at the counter protest in Freedom Plaza. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Child displaying anti-Trump stickers on her shirt. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Counter protest participant at Freedom Plaza. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Young woman displaying a anti-Nazism pin. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Woman displaying “Make Racism Wrong Again” pin in her hair. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Black Block group reuniting at Freedom Plaza. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Black Block member wearing catchers protective equipment while attending the counter protest. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Black Block group waving anti-Fascist flags and hiding their identities with umbrellas and masks. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Young men reading Revolutionary Communist Party’s pamphlet. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Man standing in Freedom Plaza with a sign citing Franklin Thomas. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



“Peace warrior” skating through the Black Block group. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Woman protesting against the Unite the Right group in Lafayette Square. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Counter-protestor in Lafayette Square. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Patch featuring a swastika thrown in the trash. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Police and counter-protestors divided by a fence in Lafayette Square. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Crowd of counter protestors in Lafayette Square. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Counter-protestors in Lafayette Square. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)



Trump supporter featuring “Trump 2020” shirt at the counter protest in Lafayette Square. (Giulia Petroni/MEDILL)