PHILADELPHIA – Tuesday’s dueling TV town halls featured a combative President Donald Trump on NBC and a focused Joe Biden on ABC.

A scheduled second presidential debate for Tuesday was canceled after Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 and refused to attend in a virtual town hall that the Presidential Debate Commission had proposed because of safety concerns.

Biden was indoors on stage with George Stephanopoulus while Trump was on an outdoor stage in Miami with Savannah Guthrie.

Biden’s town hall was 90 minutes long, but he didn’t have time for all the questions. He stayed after to answer those that weren’t aired on the live broadcast which, college student and town hall attendee, Rajeev Nunna says he appreciated.

Nunna’s question was about big tech companies. “He did still answer which was very nice of him,” Nunna said.Nunna is still an undecided voter and says he will go home to watch Trump’s town hall as well.

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